Bombay Bento is a plant-based indian lunch box service inspired by the traditional tiffin delivery system found in Mumbai (formerly Bombay), India with a modern American twist.  At Bombay Bento you can expect updated classic dishes that are healthy, light, and portion-sized for lunch.  Based on the Japanese concept of Bento, we curate boxes that combine a variety of colors, nutrients, and of course flavor! Always, flavor. 

Our Story

Bombay Bento was started by two Indian-American women who met through a passion for yoga and wellness.  As yoga teachers, they understood what you put in your body is as imporant as how you move it.  With this guiding principle in mind, Kaysha Patel and Tiffani Patel (soul sisters, not blood sisters:)) came together to create a plant-based Indian lunch box service which provides contemporary Indian cuisine incorporating traditional flavors of India with a healthy twist.  Tiffani and Kaysha grew up in Gujurati homes eating vegetarian meals made with love as weekday staples (s/o Tiffani's Dad and Kaysha's mom) and longed for similar meals in Austin, TX.  When they couldn't quite find what they were craving in Indian food - covenience, variety, health-conscious, and smaller portions -  they decided to create their own, thus Bombay Bento was born.